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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

LC control no.n 82123205
Descriptive conventionsrda
Geographic headingSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
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Geographic subdivision usageSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
Variant(s)St. Vincent and the Grenadines
St. Vincent & the Grenadines
St. Vincent
St. Vincent en die Grenadines
St. Vincent und d Grenadine
Sant Vicent y as Granadinas
Sant-Vincent-et-les Grenadenes
Saint Vincent y les Granadines
Saint Winsent wan Grenadinak
Sent-Vinsent vä Qrenadina
Sèng Vincent kap Grenadines
Sent-Vinsent ḣăm Grenadindar
Сент-Вінсент і Грэнадзіны
Sent-Vinsent i Hrėnadziny
San Vincente asin an Granadinas
Сейнт Винсент и Гренадини
Seĭnt Vinsent i Grenadini
St. Vincent und de Grenadinen
Sveti Vincent i Grenadini
Sant Visant hag an Inizi Granadinas
Сент-Винсент ба Гренадин
Sent-Vinsent ba Grenadin
Saint Vincent i les Grenadines
Saint Vincent ug ang Grenadines
Svatý Vincenc a Grenadiny
Saint Vincent a'r Grenadines
Saint Vincent og Grenadinerne
St. Vincent und die Grenadinen
Saint Vincent a Grenadiny
Saint Vincent ja Grenadiinid
Αγιος Βικέντιος και Γρεναδίνες
Hagios Vikentios kai Grenadines
San Vicente y las Granadinas
Sankta Vincento kaj Grenadinoj
San Vicenti i las Granainas
Saint Vincent eta Grenadinak
St. Vinsent og Grenadinoyggjar
Sint-Finsint en de Grenadinen
San Uinseann agus na Greanáidíní
Noo Winsen as ny Grenadeenyn
Naomh Bhionsant agus Eileanan Greanadach
St. Vincent agus na Grenadines
San Vicente e Granadinas
Сенвинсентин болн Гренадин Орн
Senvinsentin boln Grenadin Orn
Santa Vincent e Grenadini
San Vicente ken dagiti Grenadito
Saint Vincent dan Grenadine
Sant Vincent e li Grenadines
Сент-Винсент æмæ Гренадинтæ
Sent-Vinsent æmæ Grenadintæ
Sankti Vinsent og Grenadíneyjar
Saint Vincent e Grenadine
סנט וינסנט והגרנדינים
Sanṭ Ṿinsenṭ ṿeha-Grendinim
Saint Vincent lan Grenadines
Sent-Vinsent zhăne Grenadinder
Sen Vinsent ha'n Ynysow Grenadinek
Mutagatifu Visenti na Gerenadine
Saint Vincent na Grenadini
Sen Vensan ak Grenadin
Saint Vincent û giravên Grenadîn
Sanctus Vincentius et Granatinae
Sentvinsenta un Grenadīnas
Saint Vincent an d'Grenadinnen
Sent Vinsentas ir Grenadinai
San Viçenço e Grenadinn-e
Saint Vincent en de Grenadines
Santu Vicent mpé Granadines
San Vincenz e Grenadin
Saint Vincent és a Grenadine-szigetek
Свети Винцент и Гренадини
Masina Vincent sy Grenadine
Saint Vincent u l-Grenadini
Saint Vincent dan Grenadines
Séng Vincent gâe̤ng Grenadines
San Vicente īhuān in Granadinas
Sentobinsento Gurenadīn
Сент-Винсент а Гренадинаш а
Sent-Vinsent a Grenadinash a
St. Vincent an Grenadiinen
Saint Vincent og Grenadinene
Sankte Vinsent e li Grenadines
Sant Vincenç e las Grenadinas
See alsoSaint Vincent
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Special noteNon-Latin script references not evaluated.
Found inIts International military education ... 1981: t.p. (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
Phone call, 8/27/82 to Defense Mapping (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, independent political entity, located 13°5ʹN, 61°12ʹW)
Political handbook of the world 1981 (Saint Vincent, former British dependency; joined West Indies Associated States in 1969; independent member of the Commonwealth [with the Grenadines] since 10/27/82)
Report (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Dept. of Tourism). Report, 1982: t.p. (St. Vincent & the Grenadines)
GEOnet, Nov. 4, 2004 (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines--PCLI, 13°05ʹN 61°12ʹW, variants: Saint Vincent Colony; Saint Vincent, State of; Saint Vincent, Colony of; Saint Vincent)
Wikipedia, July 30, 2015 (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an island country in the Lesser Antilles Island arc, in the southern portion of the Windward Islands, which lie at the southern end of the eastern border of the Caribbean Sea where the latter meets the Atlantic Ocean. The country is also known as St. Vincent. Its 389 km² (150 sq mi) territory consists of the main island of Saint Vincent and the northern two-thirds of the Grenadines, which are a chain of smaller islands stretching south from Saint Vincent Island to Grenada; Government: Parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy) Afrikaans page (St. Vincent en die Grenadines) Alemannisch page (St. Vincent und d Grenadine) Aragonese page (Sant Vicent y as Granadinas) Arpitan page (Sant-Vincent-et-les Grenadenes) Asturian page (Saint Vincent y les Granadines) Aymara page (Saint Winsent wan Grenadinak) Azerbaijani page (Sent-Vinsent vä Qrenadina [in roman]) Chinese (Min Nan) page (Sèng Vincent kap Grenadines) Bashkir page (Sent-Vinsent ḣăm Grenadindar) Belarusian page (Сент-Вінсент і Грэнадзіны = Sent-Vinsent i Hrėnadziny) Bikol Central page (San Vincente asin an Granadinas) Bulgarian page (Сейнт Винсент и Гренадини = Seĭnt Vinsent i Grenadini)
Wikipedia, July 30, 2015: Bavarian page (St. Vincent und de Grenadinen) Bosnian page (Sveti Vincent i Grenadini) Breton page (Sant Visant hag an Inizi Granadinas) Buryat page (Сент-Винсент ба Гренадин = Sent-Vinsent ba Grenadin) Catalan page (Saint Vincent i les Grenadines) Cebuano page (Saint Vincent ug ang Grenadines) Czech page (Svatý Vincenc a Grenadiny) Welsh page (Saint Vincent a'r Grenadines) Danish page (Saint Vincent og Grenadinerne) German page (St. Vincent und die Grenadinen) Lower Sorbian page (Saint Vincent a Grenadiny) Estonian page (Saint Vincent ja Grenadiinid) Greek page (Αγιος Βικέντιος και Γρεναδίνες = Hagios Vikentios kai Grenadines) Spanish page (San Vicente y las Granadinas) Esperanto page (Sankta Vincento kaj Grenadinoj) Extremaduran page (San Vicenti i las Granainas) Basque page (Saint Vincent eta Grenadinak) Faroese page (St. Vinsent og Grenadinoyggjar) French page (Saint-Vincent-et-les-Grenadines; sometimes abbreviated as SVG) Western Frisian page (Sint-Finsint en de Grenadinen) Irish page (San Uinseann agus na Greanáidíní) Manx page (Noo Winsen as ny Grenadeenyn) Scottish Gaelic page (Naomh Bhionsant agus Eileanan Greanadach; St. Vincent agus na Grenadines) Galician page (San Vicente e Granadinas) Kalmyk page (Сенвинсентин болн Гренадин Орн = Senvinsentin boln Grenadin Orn)
Wikipedia, July 30, 2015: Upper Sorbian page (Saint Vincent a Grenadiny) Croatian page (Sveti Vincent i Grenadini) Ido page (Santa Vincent e Grenadini) Iloko page (San Vicente ken dagiti Grenadito) Indonesian page (Saint Vincent dan Grenadine) Interlingue page (Sant Vincent e li Grenadines) Ossetic page (Сент-Винсент æмæ Гренадинтæ = Sent-Vinsent æmæ Grenadintæ) Icelandic page (Sankti Vinsent og Grenadíneyjar) Italian page (Saint Vincent e Grenadine) Hebrew page (סנט וינסנט והגרנדינים = Sanṭ Ṿinsenṭ ṿeha-Grendinim) Javanese page (Saint Vincent lan Grenadines) Kazakh page (Sent-Vinsent zhăne Grenadinder) Cornish page (Sen Vinsent ha'n Ynysow Grenadinek) Kinyarwanda page (Mutagatifu Visenti na Gerenadine) Swahili page (Saint Vincent na Grenadini) Haitian page (Sen Vensan ak Grenadin) Kurdish page (Saint Vincent û giravên Grenadîn [in roman]) Latin page (Sanctus Vincentius et Granatinae) Latvian page (Sentvinsenta un Grenadīnas) Luxembourgish page (Saint Vincent an d'Grenadinnen) Lithuanian page (Sent Vinsentas ir Grenadinai) Ligurian page (San Viçenço e Grenadinn-e) Limburgish page (Saint Vincent en de Grenadines) Lingala page (Santu Vicent mpé Granadines) Lombard page (San Vincenz e Grenadin) Hungarian page (Saint Vincent és a Grenadine-szigetek)
Wikipedia, July 30, 2015: Macedonian page (Свети Винцент и Гренадини = Sveti Vincent i Grenadini) Malagasy page (Masina Vincent sy Grenadine) Maltese page (Saint Vincent u l-Grenadini) Malay page (Saint Vincent dan Grenadines) Min Dong Chinese page (Séng Vincent gâe̤ng Grenadines) Nahuatl page (San Vicente īhuān in Granadinas) Dutch page (Saint Vincent en de Grenadines) Japanese page (セントビンセント・グレナディーン = Sentobinsento Gurenadīn) Chechen page (Сент-Винсент а Гренадинаш а = Sent-Vinsent a Grenadinash a) Northern Frisian page (St. Vincent an Grenadiinen) Norwegian page (Saint Vincent og Grenadinene) Novial page (Sankte Vinsent e li Grenadines) Occitan page (Sant Vincenç e las Grenadinas)
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